Permanent Make-Up
Permanent Make-Up

Permanent Make-up

Learn More about Permanent Makeup in St. Pete Beach

TODAY more and more women are opting for the convenience of a wash and wear face, with brows, eyeliner and lips that never smudge and won't wear off. Soft Touch Studio provides permanent makeup in St. Pete Beach.

PERMANENT MAKE-UP, also referred to as micro-pigmentation, is the perfect solution for the woman who is busy, athletic, has little or no eyebrows, is allergic to conventional make-up, or has trouble seeing well enough to apply her make-up.

PERMANENT MAKE-UP should be applied as an enhancement to your natural features and not as conventional make-up that could become dated as trends change.

The pigments used have been specially formulated for cosmetic application. NOT to be compared with traditional tattooing, in which permanent skin dyes and inks are placed into the skin.

The Hand Method is a technique used at our day spa in St. Pete Beach to manually apply pigment into the skin. With no electrical devices involved, the process is very controlled, gentle and safe. Results are an extremely natural look. Each application is applied as an art, carefully and meticulously.

All procedures include a complimentary consultation and a patch test.

EYEBROWS (Fully Designed) $450

For those with little or no brows, time is taken to design perfect brows to suit the individual. Soft colors on brows frame your eyes.

PARTIAL BROWS (Price varies, quote given at consultation)

EYELINER (Top and Bottom) $400

Natural color is placed in your eyelashes making them appear thicker, accentuating your eyes.


Lip color emphasizes your natural lip line and is blended in to give your lips a definite shape. It is also a perfect way to correct uneven lips. Full lip color will give your lips an all over color even when your lipstick has worn off.

ONE TOUCH UP IS INCLUDED 3-4 weeks after initial visit. Since all skins are different, any additional application will be $75 up to 3 months after initial visit. It is rare that a 3rd touch up will be needed.

Permanent makeup will fade due to natural skin exfoliation, sun exposure, washing and wiping the face. Touch ups are usually every year or two and cost $150 to $175 each area.

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